“Confronting Iraq” is a powerful new documentary produced by Roger Aronoff, to attempt to set the record straight and to examine some of the big issues related to this war. Did the U.S. really act unilaterally, motivated by greed and politics, in an unnecessary war? Or is it a just and necessary war - part of a larger war - against the unrelenting forces of radical Islam? Was Saddam Hussein’s regime bent on developing and proliferating Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or had he destroyed them all after the first Gulf War? Did the Iraqi government have ongoing relations with Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization, al Qaeda, among others, or is this a pretext dreamed up in Crawford Texas to justify going to war? The West is engaged, whether it likes it or not, in a clash of civilizations, in a war it never sought. It is unlike any war in our history.

How have the various participants Confronted Iraq. The Bush administration? The Clinton administration? The media? The intellectuals and pundits? The Leftist opposition? Michael Moore? We tackle these complex issues, through dramatic footage and insightful interviews, in a thought provoking, powerful, and at times humorous and ironic manner.